What I Have to Say About the Netflix DeathNote Movie

What I Have to Say About the Netflix DeathNote Movie

Hey, Friend's it's Akidearest What can I say that hasn't been said already so this was one of the most anticipated? Live actions of the air and I just had such a great laugh, so I can't necessarily say that I had a bad time watching it, but yeah, i-it was bad Not even as a comparison to anime and manga for those of you that say it's good as a movie on its own I'm sorry, I disagree I do not think that it was good as a movie on its own there were so many elements that even if you never told Me what Death Note was if I was never into anime in the first place I feel like it was two steps below poltergeist that came out in 2015 and one step above Twilight Let me go over the pros and cons here so the first thing that I wanted to touch upon Cinematography it was actually really well Filmed at least that you can tell a high-budget was put behind this it was made on a forty million dollar budget.

Which I'd say a large sum of that is probably going to the CGI for Ryu and Willem Dafoe But it looked great and even with a ghost in the shell' even though the movie sucked at least the world looks like the way it Probably is supposed to be but my god does this director Just love Dutch tilting at least you know if you're like me where you're kind of Tilting your head a bit at the entire movie while watching it the director was nice enough to do that for you The second one is the acting was good by Ryoga and one thing about Ryu Is that they did sort of change his personality? But it worked out in the live-action so in the anime and manga ryoga's like this very playful death God And he doesn't really know much about humans.

He just finds us Interesting and fun to play with and by playing he just kind of throws the Death Note and just sees what happens But the way the movie did it was that Ryoga was a lot more Demonic and he seemed like he was much more tied to the plans of Everything and so it changed like that it worked Well it put Ryu in a light that you probably would have originally thought him to be the third thing I liked was the branding kerosene so light gets the Death Note he's been making a few kills And then he starts making a name for himself so then you have kind of like this very quick timeline where it just shows you That everyone is starting to figure out that there's somebody behind the scenes here. It's not just a coincidence Somebody is making all of these criminals die and so the crowd is kind of split between People that support Kira and people who are against him.

And what I think was really good that they found the middle ground between something that was made in Japan and Westernizing it was the reason why they chose Kira They just looked at in English Japanese dictionary and thought it sounds cool And we're gonna leave it as such you don't need to go too. Deep into it people can just accept it This is the name of what he's going to be and it sounds really Evil to everyone else or it made him sound more powerful to those that supported him so that was basically all the pros now Going to the cons here I ran out of room on this paper the first one here is the anime and manga Comparison is way too far and everything I'm about to say is pretty much Just gonna go into that the second one is really cheap moments.

I mean the moment I even saw light do this I think everyone who saw this pretty much bust out laughing which goes into this third reason being that pretty much all the main characters changed completely looking at Light Yagami no light Turner Which I'm not totally against by the way you made light weaker. You made him more naive You made him dumber you made someone like light where he was just like this intelligent mad Genius that only had good intentions that wanted to fix the world and then he just lets power corrupt him, too Then just this extremely weak airheaded naive kid He was just dumb with the way he handled everything about that Death Note you made el Irrational and compulsive and with Misa as I said before I meant Mia. It's Mia She seems like a combination of the original Elle and light she turned out to be much more intelligent than light much more rational was more Manipulating and more isolated from society than she was in the original the next is the romance element.

Everything about the romance between Mia and light It didn't follow any of the traits that make a good romance story. There is not enough time to breathe I mean they went from their first kiss, and then you have like this quick timeline of every day of their relationship And then you have a sex scene I mean That's just proof that you just through a sex scene in there for the sake of having a sex scene then this is Stupid the theme is so dumb when they're on the porch, and it's raining And he's about to go inside the house and then Mia says I love you, and it was like such a big deal. I felt like I was watching a Twilight movie You know how I said This is like one step above Twilight that one step is like one foot on the step above Twilight And your other foot is on the exact same level as Twilight and then at the end, you have them like both in the Ferris wheel and you have Mia there wanting the Death Note and then Lights like if you love me.

You won't take it That was so cheesy if you want to write a bad romance novel that takes itself seriously Then follow what Death Note did it's a prime example of that the next thing I want to touch on is how it seems like Rio is Until then the Death Note it seems like he can be a victim just like anybody else The biggest reason is that there's that scene where I think Ryu said something the light But it pissed light off, and he threatens oh if you don't stop your crap I'm gonna write your name in the Death Note ha ha ha Luke says and you would think it's because oh I'm a Death God. I'm the one that owned the Death Note in the first place of course. You can't kill me at least That's where your logic would go and that is what happens in the series That's the reason you can't kill shinigamis.

But they don't follow that concept in this movie because during that scene in return r u k-- says the reason you can't kill me Is that nobody has been able to due to the fact, No, one's been able to spell my name correctly in the past people have only been able to guess two letters I'm not gonna give the note to you or anybody else are you fucking me again? I'm gonna put your name in it you could try But I warn you there are four letters in my name most anyone's ever gotten with two That's it, but if he figures out how to spell your name, then it's all good Here's a really lazy part that they did too was they were implying some kind of clue And they totally threw it out the window because in the very beginning in the Death Note it says Reax name written right there.

That moment when light first got the death note he opens it and it's like a warning saying don't trust ryouki isn't your friend So he knows all four letters, and I mean he doesn't even need to write it It's already written in the Death Note and rooks still alive, but according to Rios knowledge you can't kill him because nobody's been able to spell his name and then light just feels like oh is that why Alright, then and he goes upstairs, and you think maybe he'll remember how to spell it and it's sort of like foreshadowing that Like could potential kill real cat the end and that whole time I thought wow you're gonna give him that power that he can kill Ryoka now This really isn't Death Note and he didn't even end up killing ryokan the end that was just some pointless information that they just threw into the movie to make it sound interesting But it's a double-edged sword if he killed reopen that would have been dumb And if he didn't kill Rio the fact that that's even possible is stupid.

He should have just kept it as I'm a death God And I'm all-powerful that doesn't work that way and adding more of what sounds like Rio has less power than the Death Note When the light at the very end is in the ferris wheel? You find out after that that all of that was part of lights planned one of the parts was that the Ferris wheel? mysteriously falls over But during that scene during the Ferris wheel you see that really clearly knocked it over so does that mean that Rio? Has power or is empowered by the Death Note so you can tell Rio to do whatever you want, so? Basically, I mean Ryoga looks cool, but you can still control him just like anyone else. He's all bark No bite So what I got from that is that this is what happens if you give the Death Note to really irrational? Teenagers the last thing I really want to touch upon and it's the most important.

And I was saving it for last Was the biggest lack that was very important about this film. It's not near, it's The potato chip scene that had to be the most important part of this movie, and you just throw it out the window I don't think the creators really comprehend. What Death Note was the potato chip scene is Death Note. It's not light It's not Ryu. It's not Mia or Mesa. However, you want to call her. It's the foundations of it when you throw something out like the potato chip scene It's like what it would even is this anymore?

So yeah Death Note Netflix movie look I'll give you two things here there were two very quick accurate Scenes that I think we're the most phenomenal out of the entire movie one happens at 25 minutes and 4 seconds I guess should feel guilty Don't wear light and Misa don't say anything They just have this look that is pretty much every single person watching it and then you've got that chef or butcher guy that comes out from the back that looks at the light now the same way that I Did at the screen so yeah those were probably the best so that was all my thoughts on the Death Note Live-action movie let me know in the comment section down below of your thoughts on it. Did you guys like it?