Death Note | L's Death: Could it have been avoided? - Theory & Analysis

Death Note | L's Death: Could it have been avoided? - Theory & Analysis

What is up, my fellow anime fans an otaku? It's me, Sasbekt, and welcome back to my channel or if it's your first time around here, then please make sure to subscribe. Today we will be talking about an anime theory. I will be talking about one of my favorite theories from the anime Death Note. I would be talking about how L's death the anime and series Death Note was unnecessary, how his death could have been avoided so easily by taking a few simple steps that the author or the manga could have done. But no, he didn't do that - he ended up killing L.

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So if you guys are excited about this theory, then please make sure to give yourself big thumbs up and share the video with your friends as well. Death Note was the first-ever anime that I watched it was the enemy which actually brought me into the anime worlds so you guys now might have understood that how important that notes to me when I was watching Death Note I used to watch at least one or two episodes a day.

Yeah, I wasn't at that big of a binge watcher, but I used to watch at least one or two videos a day it was my most favorite character in the series you might be wondering right now that how I would have felt at his death yeah when the anime reads 25th episode I was shocked I was literally shocked to see L die that was the exact moment when I started detecting light I literally loaded that person I started hitting light a lot after L slept because else death was a very emotional moment for me I was also depressed for two days I didn't even watch anime phone that the next two days because I was that said I was emotionally attached to L.

I really liked that person he L and I have a lot of similarities in some way or another because we both are kind of introverts and stuff like that but yeah so L was one of the most famous characters from the series Death Note and a lot of people loved that guy as well he is one of my favorite characters but after his death, the animate didn't feel that great to a lot of us people hate me or for some reason they hate mellow for some reason because they see that near and Mello are trying to be else duplicated but they both have their own personalities but let's not talk about them this was focused on L and his death so yeah when L died it was a shocking moment for every single person his death was very unnecessary and why here.

I will be listening to easy solutions for else that to be avoided when L said that they are arranging to transport Death Note to a different country and make an inmate write the name in the Death Note and wait for 13 days so that they can find out who the 13-day rule is true or not REM was standing right behind L both of these theories would revolve around them so as we all know that REM was standing right behind Alvin all this was happening it was all lights plans to make REM kill L when L said that they will be transporting the notebook to another country and make an inmate write on it and see if he dies or not Ram was very stupid Ram thought of killing L then and there only if M would have done any two of the following solution that I will be telling she would have also survived so now let's get into the solution.

The first one is them should have tried to bluff them what she would have been bluffing it is not illegal to write fake rules in that note as we have seen thatas you crowd the fake rules in the dead Note the 13-day rule was fake, right, so even REM could have lied to the humans because she is not liable tospeak truth in front of the humans who are not having the Death Note I mean whoare not the real owners of the death note so she could have lied to them easily what she could have said if the person who would be writingthe names in that note doesn't write the next name in the next 13 days then REM has to write that person's name in her own dead note so she would have used the13 day rule and explained the rule to L by saying that if the person who iscurrently owning the Death Note and writing names in it fails to write the next name in the next 13 days then as per the rule from the Shinigami King shehas to write that person's name in her own death note.

If she would have said that then L would have been thrown back to a corner and he would not have sent the notebook to another place and this would have saved his life as well as Ram's life this was the Bluff she could have used the 13-day rule and explained it in a way that this is what the 13-day rule actually means that was the first of my explanation now the second explanation Ram could have easily survived by using the second way as well what she should have done when L said that they will be transporting the notebook to another country she should have just stood there with the notebook and she should have just said that if you are transporting the notebook then I also will have to go with the notebook because I am the original Shinigami of this notebook so I have to stay in the radius of the notebook if she would have said that then L wouldn't have a poster.

He would have allowed REM to go with the notebook as REM would have also been transported with the notebook another country and to that and to that inmate she could have just easily written that inmates name after 13 days in her own death note this would have proved that the inmate died after 13 days which could have shown us that the rule is still true right do you get me what I'm saying is if REM would have bent with the notebook to the person who was writing the names in it I mean to the inmate who would be writing the name in it and then after 13 days she writes that inmate's name in her own notebook then the inmate would have died, which would have proved that 13-day rule is true, which would have again thrown L into a corner because L would have run out of options to find any leads in this case.

So as the person would have died after 13 days this would have proved us that the rule is true and no one would have questioned rammed wire and wrote his name in her own death note no one would have even sent Rams a death note we all know that L couldn't check REMS Death Note to find out like how that person died so in this two ways else that could have been easily avoided but the Malaka didn't think of awardingL's death and he killed L does this to these two simple solutions do summarize that there would have been a way to avoid else death in death no but didn't do any of this - she ended up writing else name and diet also.

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