Deathnote: Negatives and Nitpicks(Spoilers)

Deathnote: Negatives and Nitpicks(Spoilers)

Deathnote is my second favorite anime but today I’m gonna focus more on the negatives. First things first, I’m not a huge fan of episode 1. In my opinion, a pilot should establish the protagonist, antagonist, and give viewers a hook to keep watching, which the first episode doesn't do. If you combined episodes 1 and 2, it’d be perfect but you can’t do that in 20 minutes. Skipping ahead, the Light and Naomi sequence is awesome and reminds me of some terrifically tense Tarantino scenes. And while we’re discussing one smart woman in the series, it only makes sense that we discuss the other. I understand that the story doesn’t work without her devotion to Light but she still extremely one-note and boring.

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I also would’ve kept her hidden until episode13. I love the idea of Light being paranoid about everyone around him, nervously looking around in Aoyama and the audience being in the same boat. But since we already know who she is, it deflates a lot of the tension, at least in my opinion. Next, we arrive at everyone’s favorite part. The Yotsuba Arc. to keep the same structure but make it laser-focused on Light and L. L already said he considers Light friends why not build on that? Plus if Light used his temporary innocence to win L’s trust, it would probably result in an even more twisted L death scene. On the Yotsuba side, Kira being Higuchi is boring. Instead, cut to Higuchi have him say all this over-the-top evil shit so we’re like oh he’s the new Deathnote man I got it.

But then it’s revealed that Higuchi is just the fall guy and that it’s really I’m a retard so I don’t know exactly how to execute this but I really like the idea of L and Light agreeing that he probably isn’tKira, then he is. Throughout the show, they’re pretty much right about everything so seeing them make a random mistake would be a nice change of pace. And when one of them does make random mistakes because of, you guessed it, Nomakowa. But instead of that, we get this. To shift gears, the quickest way to get through the Yotsuba arc is to have Matsuda fall off the roof in episode 19 and end it right there. In the following episode, have him appear on Sakura tv because Blonde chick has already bugged all the Yotsuba offices, cars, and houses.

Then, with the understanding that whoever is Kira will make a move to try to kill him, the task force watches all of them. Higuchi can do what he already does and we've edited out 2 episodes. I’d also like the episode to be mostly fromHiguchi’s point of view, at least until we get to this part or maybe even this part. And in this scene, I think it’d be cool if you could barely see Mogi’s shadow or something but not actually see him. It’d be an easter egg type thing that people would probably notice on 2nd viewing, and I like stuff like that. Putting Yotsuba behind us, I realize most people consider reaction videos to be trash but…stuff like L’s death is what they were made for. But the way the task force reacts is retarded. L says “Light is going to try to kill me and take my title.” Then L dies and they say “Please take his title”.

L says “These criminals have never been caught, it is unlikely they will be killed by Kira.” Then after L dies, Kira kills them. They don’t even test the notebook like L said he was going to right before he was abruptly murdered. I don’t understand how someone killed him right as he told them his plan and they think it’s completely unrelated. I do understand that they were against the scheme before L died, but you would think his death would let them know they were onto something. I know Light says.

But self-awareness in a show only gets you so far and it isn’t believable that detectives would be this stupid. Now that we’ve talked about the death of my favorite character, let’s talk about my least favorite. He’s extremely unlikable with no character development and basically calls L pathetic. He also figures out that Mikami is X Kirby seeing him once on TV. I know in the manga he comes to that conclusion in a much more sensible way but that just makes it worse. I will give Near credit for offering to work with Mellow but one good thing isn’t enough to redeem him. To put it a different way, if I had two bullets, with Hitler on one side, and Near on the other, I would shoot Near twice.

But I do like Mello. Whenever he’s with the director, a random guy says he killed a mafia boss And it would’ve been sweet to see that. Maybe that could be how the arc starts, instead of a retarded recap. Speaking of retarded, the dub spells out every little thing and is extremely redundant. To go back to the Yotsuba arc, there are some other missed opportunities for twists as well. Matsuda falls off a building and as soon as he falls we as the audience know that he's okay. The character of Hiraldo Coil, the 2nd greatest detective in the world, is introduced then five seconds later we find out it's L.

I think Coil should've been mentioned in episode 2 and we get the twist either at the end of the arc or in this scene. But to end things on a positive note, I’ll play some of my favorite moments, and I’ll see you on the next one.