How Many People did Kira Kill?

How Many People did Kira Kill?

Now I’m pretty sure a question a lot of us have been having after watching or reading Death Note is, “how many people did Kirakill?” Some time ago, MatPat from Film Theory made a video calculating an answer to this very question, and I think overall he did a somewhat decent job, at least where him calculating how many died is concerned. However, first off, when calculating Light’skill count over the time skip, he didn’t account for the fact that it was said that his killings accelerated only during the summer of 2009, not immediately after he takes up L's mantle, not to mention the fact that 62 doubled… does not equal 128.

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However, most importantly, his video covers the anime, and here, I want to calculate how many died at the hands of Kira using the manga as my main source, considering Death Note’s manga universe is indeed the one I really care about. Now, MatPat’s basis for how many Light kills daily is the shot of the names written notebook shown in the first episode. Of course, considering this is an excellent opportunity to calculate Light’s kill rate in the manga, considering it’s one of the few times the names written in the notebook were actually shown, I’m going to look at approximately how many names are written on one page and multiply that by four, considering we are shown four pages. In this panel, we are shown 38 rows and 5columns, meaning one page has 190 names. Quadruple that number, and we get 760.

Now, at this point, we should divide it by the number of days in order to get his regular kill rate, right? Well, the thing is, I don’t think this is a good representation of his regular kill rate. To elaborate, Light claimed he was expecting Shinigami to arrive and take his soul, which would imply that Light was going hard andwriting as many names as he can to make a difference before he dies at the hands of a Shinigami. Of course, there’s some stuff that suggests that he might have been lying, so it could be either.

However, I ultimately concluded that he at least considered the possibility of a Shinigami killing him and acted on that possibility by going hard, but wasn’t necessarily fully expecting one; if you’d like to know my train of thought, you can ask me in the comments, but as far as calculating Light’s kill rate is concerned, this number is only relevant to those four days and is not representative of his usual. In that case, what do we use to figure outright's kill rate? Well, when Light relinquished Misa’s notebook to Higuchi as part of his final gambit, Higuchi was supposed to be emulating the first Kira’skill rate. We know this from the fact that it was reported that the third Kira killed “two weeks’ worth of criminals”, which also confirms that there is at least a somewhat consistent kill rate.

We see from this panel that approximately32 names are written on this page, and we can assume that this is what he writes daily. I say this because the alternative is writing around a page and a half, but if that were the case, judging from how the pages have30 lines and Higuchi filled in eight here, he’d have to have written 152 names if that were the case. Of course, these are really rough numbers meaning he didn’t have to write exactly a page and a half, but 32 still seems like a pretty realistic estimate considering Light still has to study, sleep, and do proper research on his victims. Now that we know Light’s kill rate, 32, we can properly calculate how much he killed prior to killing L.

The light was active for 200 days, but I'll also take into account special days where we know he killed outside his usual kill rate, those days being the first four days, the two days where Light killed 23 people per day, and the total of 23 criminals having died from December 19th to 27th. Taking the kill rate and those days into account, by multiplying his kill rate by the number of days he killed while excluding those special days and then adding how many were killed during those days, we get a total of 6632people killed by Light prior to L’s death.

Now for Higuchi, accounting for how he didn’t kill people from October 26th until his capture and how he compensated for the fifteen-day hiatus of killings, we get 4672 people. Now we reach the point where Light killed L; from here on, I don’t think the killings increased that much. After all, the killings only accelerated during the summer of 2009, as I mentioned earlier. However, Light now has Misa killing at home while he works as L. So, while the killings do increase, judging from how it’s only said they accelerated at a later point and Misa still has to do research on her victims, I’d say the number gets doubled into 64. Now it makes sense for the killings to have accelerated during the summer of 2009, considering Light joined the NPA under the Intelligence and information Bureau April 1st of that year, meaning he would have access to far more names and research would be far quicker.

Since this was catalyzed by him joining the NPA, let’s say that the kill rates accelerate about a month after he joins, meaning from my 1st to Misa relinquishing the notebook to Mikami, the kill rate goes from 64 to 150, just over double the amount before this. Now the time skip (before the killings accelerated)took place from November 16th, 2004 to April 30, 2009, 1627 days, meaning that around 104128killings took place during that time period. As for the killings that took place after the killing accelerated, so May 1st to November 26th, 2009, which is when Misa gives the notebook to Mikami, we get 31500 deaths.

Now adding Light and Misa’s full-count since the beginning of the series together, we get a total of 142260 deaths so far. Now we move on to Mikami, who fills in the exact page per day. We see from here that a page has 6 columns, and here that it has 41 rows, meaning he writes 246 names every single day. Since he kills from November 27th to January27th, a total of 62 days, he and Takada killed a total of 15252 people.

Now we add all these numbers together; Light and Misa had 142260, Higuchi had 4672, and Mikami and Takada had 15252. However, this is also including many special deaths which were outside the norm, such as the sixteen Misa killed that one night, NaomiMisora, Light’s first two victims when testing the notebook, a robber, a bus Jacker, Linda Tailor, the twelve FBI agents, Takada, Higuchi, L, Watari, Mello, Ukita, two cops, two criminals, two news commentators, the two petty criminals killed by Light when he took a potato chip and ate it, the few additional criminals Light killed when under surveillance, nine businessmen killed by Yotsuba, the highway patrol cop, Amber, Wendy, David Hope, Kitamura, Demegawa, and five other Sakura TV people. Adding all this, we get a grand total of 162383. 162383 people killed… probably a thousand or so more than that, actually.

After all, during those first four days, Light could very well have filled in more than four pages. Furthermore, when Light had Misa relinquish the notebook to Mikami, Light told Misa to write down the names of as many criminals as she can in advance, meaning a lot of people who were killed by Misa died while Mikamiwas killing. So anyway, that’s over 162383 people; view those numbers as you wish.

Do you think it’s a lot, or too little? After all, it’s nowhere near the millions this amount is even smaller than MatPat’s, but then again, over 150000 deaths is a lot, considering killing a dozen people would be considered a horrendous crime.