The Dangerous Progression of Mello's Jealousy (Death Note)

The Dangerous Progression of Mello's Jealousy (Death Note)

Mello is a character I’m only beginning to love more and more as time goes on, with Mello having surpassed Near and L on my favorite characters list. With this sudden increase in my liking of Mello, it’s quite clear that I have been thinking more about him. While it is true that Mello is one of my most analyzed characters, all of my previous analyses on Mello have been very heavily based off of Death Note Another Note, which is a novel with Mello as a narrator, so it was inevitable that I would gain plenty of ideas on Mello from that.

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Generally, the main core of all my analysis as such: throughout the series Mello has this internal struggle of what motivates him to catch Kira, is it to avenge L, or is it because of his ego and his lust to surpassNear? Both of these sides of Mello are constantly a struggle, but it’s the latter that mostly takes precedence throughout the series. In the end, however, when Halle tells Mellothat Near has a plan, Mello feels so cornered and without choice that, while he is still feeling jealous of Near, he has avenging L take priority, motivating him to sacrifice his life in order to defeat Kira and hand Near the victory.

My main evidence for these claims lies within another Note’s implication that Mello did, indeed, plan on dying, Mello constantly obsessing over L, and Near’s line in the manga that he and Mello are motivated by the desire to avenge L, all of these workings in tandem with one another. However, what I want to do for this video is something a bit different, I want to branch off from this series of Mello analyses and make a new one, this time ignoring Death Note Another Note completely, and focusing exclusively on the manga.

Why am I doing this? Despite the fact that I tried clearing up most of the inconsistencies regarding Mello’s character in the novel, I would absolutely understand why someone would interpret the novel as entirely non-canon; after all, even if the inconsistencies are made sense of, it would still be vastly annoying for someone's interpretation of a character in a series to be completely altered and ruined by some other work that’s separate from the actual main series. I want to account for both readings of whether or not Another Note is canon and look at Mello for the sake of fairness, and also simply out of curiosity of what Mello’s character arc is when viewed separately from another note.

First and foremost, I wanna get this very crucial part out of the way; ignoring Another Note, do I think Mello planned on dying? I’ve explained in another video why it wouldn't make sense for Mello to plan on dying, with me disproving points that tried to disprove the theory, but my main evidence for it was still Another Note.

So, that said, did he plan on dying or not? Well, one argument for it could be that Mello decided to take his helmet off, except that doesn’t really prove anything because his helmet only covered his face to the extent that a Death Note user would still know what he looks like, judging from how Takada said she now knows his face when she first saw it through the helmet, and there would be no significance whatsoever in this thought being shown if it wasn’t enough for her to kill him.

I do think both Takada and Mello would have known the limitations of the Death Note involving how much of the victim’s face the user needs to see; for Takada, I think Light would have told her during one of the meetings, while Mello could have learned of these limitations when he was experimenting with the Death Note through the mafia. Now with that said, it could be either, but I thinks the conclusion of this analysis should answer the question; however, it’s worth bearing in mind that another thing I garnered from Another Note is Mello’s struggle between wanting to avenge L and wanting to surpass Near, but I don’t think this conflict is present if we’re only looking at the manga.

His jealousy is prevalent throughout. Now I want to address Near saying that he and Mello are motivated by the desire to avenge L. What does that mean for Mello’s character? Well, first off, let’s consider the possibility that he was lying about Mello; he does have very legitimate reasons to lie about Mello’smotives as that successfully led to Aizawa cooperating with Near, with Mello being the only factor holding Aizawa back at that point. However, what suggests this may indeed be the truth is how Halle chimes in, clarifying that Mello wants to catch Kira before Neardoes, which is the truth; the reason I think this suggests Near isn’t lying in the fact that judging from how it didn’t discourage Aizawa, her use of the words “to be clear”, and the fact that Near was never troubled by this, her statement was not really supposed to be a contradiction of what Near said as much as it was a mere addendum.

So, how does this work? Well, let’s look at what Near said; he said that L was the only person he and Mello respected, and Kira murdering him motivated them to catch him. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Mellowants to avenge L, while this may be the case for Near. The thing is, Mello, respected L in the sense that he saw L as some sort of goal he has to reach in order to actually beat Near in all these competitions from Wammy’s.

This was evident from when Mello felt a surge of rage at hearing about L’s death; the moment he heard this news, the first thing he was concerned about was that L would be unable to choose who becomes the next L. In other words, it’s at this very moment when Mello feels like he can never achieve his goal of surpassing Near, there is no more hope, Mello will constantly stay below Nearforever. Except it can’t be, Mello thinks. There must be something that can be done. His focus then shifts from becoming number one in Wammy’s and hoping L selects him to actually stopping Kira, as the final way to prove he’s better than Near. Solve the case that even L failed to solve. This is when any respect he’s had for L was completely lost, L being someone who lost to Kira.

This explains why he leaves Wammy’s, as a symbolic way of showing he’s going to surpass Near in a different way. Fast forward to when Mello successfully takes the Death Note from the Task Force; I think that here, Mello feels a surge of optimism, with him feeling like he finally could surpass Near and become number one. Now I think that Mello respects and like Soichiro because Soichiro, being a key part in his plans to get the Death Note, represents and reminds Mello of his momentary victory over Near. I mean, we know that Mello does horrendous things, such as murdering the SPK agents, but they are all to achieve specific goals, yet Mello said he didn’t want Soichiro to die when Soichiro was actively threatening his life and being nothing more than an obstacle.

Now after Light regains the notebook, Mellois obviously the one losing the most in this game; he lost all of his subordinates, he lost the Death Note, his name is discovered, and his spy within the SPK is lost so he has to rely on Halle to pass along information to him. What follows next is the confrontation between near and Mello; this is a very interesting scene but since in my next video I’ll be doing a line-by-line analysis of that specific scene, I will refrain from talking much about it.

However, one key part to take away from this is how Mello exploded when he learned he helped Near, but then the scene ends on Mello giving near information and aiding him intentionally because he didn’t feel good about Near helping Menlo with nothing in return. One of the reasons behind this is very closely tied to a common theme related to Mello’s character, and that is him always wanting to compensate for his failures by doing the act that made him feel like he failed, this time intentionally so that the previous act wasn’t a failure, somewhat similar to Light’smindset. Like for example, Mello just gave Near the position of L before storming out of Wammy’s.

You see this in this scene too; Mello felt angry at the fact that he aided Near so he decided to aid Nearby passing along information, to not only flaunt his superior knowledge but also to make it seem as if he decided to help Near; this way, Mello can still feel like the dominant one during a situation. We see this mentality affecting him a bit later as well; for example, when Mello sent Mogi over to Near so Near could interrogateMogi and both Mello and Near could get information, I think that’s Mello saying “Near’sgoing to learn information on the Kira case but that’s fine because I was the one who caused it”.

The reason he wants to beat Near in the first place is that his ego was challenged, so if he aids Near from time to time intentionally, he would still feel like the superior one here. However, that isn’t to say he’d aid Near and then allow Near to take the victory so that he could feel like Near wouldn’t win without him; after all, Mello still wants to prove himself to be better than L as well, not to mention Mello, subconsciously, still wants to prove to himself that he is capable of solving the case on his own. Another thing I find interesting about Mellohanding Mogi over to Near is that Mello, the envious Mello who refuses to believe anything good about Near, outright complimented Nearby directly acknowledging his skills, and when he can hear Mello at that.

Over here I think that Mello is attempting to minimize how much Near threatens his ego, this time by using Near’s skills and abilities to Mello’s own benefit. Now by the time Near is dominating the game, he’s learned everything about Kira, has forced Kira into a corner and has been giving information to Mello so that Near could use Mello, I think Mello began going deeper into this denial of his; as an example of this, just shortly after Near gave Mello all the info through Halle, Mello recruits Matt, who I think is someone Mello is friends with because math doesn’t really threaten Mello’s ego, so his very presence makes Mello feel better because he is reminded that he is more intelligent than the third smartest Wammy’s child.

Another sign of this is how Mello adorably thinks that Near gave Mello all the SPK’s information as a thank-you for sending Mogiover to the SPK; the possibility of Near wanting to use Mello has already been presented to him, so he decides to believe that Near is giving all this information not so that Near could use him, but rather for a reason that Mello has direct involvement in so that Mello could feel like he himself is responsible for this sudden advantage, he doesn’t want to acknowledge Near as the one who is controlling the situation. Now we reach the end. Halle tells Mello of Near’s plan to have his name written in the notebook and Mello sadly exclaims how he has to “do it”.

If he does plan on dying, then he’s distraught over his upcoming death, but if not, then he is distraught over Near being so close to victory that the most he can do are enact a plan which serves as an extremely risky last resort. Now, if we take into account what we just looked at, Mello wanting to help Near so he could feel superior, I do think that, even when only looking at manga canon, Mello did indeed intend to die.

Not because he took his jealousy aside, but rather because I think, here, Mello realizes that either Near will win, which is bad, or near will die, which is bad too because, as Halle pointed out earlier, Mello wouldn’t want Near to die because then his victory over Near is meaningless. So, he finds out the flaws in Near’s plan and decides to give his life in order to let them be known and save Near if his assumptions Kira’s plans are true. He realizes he won’t be able to solve the Kira case and surpass Near and L, but the most he can do is at least have Near realize just how pivotal Mello was and that, without Mello, Near wouldn’t really be much.

Also, I think he decides to take the option of death, presumably because his life’s goal is centered around beating Near. Anyways, this was extremely fun to make and I really love talking about Mello. Hope you enjoyed and subscribe for more content.